Essential Security Tips for Home Owners


Keeping your property safe is probably high on your list of priorities. Although most people will go through their lives without encountering a break-in, that's usually because they've worked hard to keep thieves out. If you feel as though it's time to review your approach to security, here are some essential tips. Care for your lawn If you're a house-proud person, you probably take great care of your lawn anyway. However, if you tend to let things lapse from time to time, you may want to revise your approach.

9 September 2019

Internal Security: How to Balance Trust and Security in Your Business


It's important for businesses to take security seriously — and most do. You can now see high-quality CCTV cameras in all different kinds of businesses, from large retail chains to small, independent restaurants, and many businesses take care to install shutters or screens to protect their premises after hours. However, all this focus on external security, preventing people from breaking in or stealing after hours, is only one half of the problem.

29 May 2018

Working Dog, Do Not Pet: How Our Canine Counterparts Dominate Modern Security


If you've ever flown through a major airport, you're likely to have seen dogs and their handlers browsing the airport.  While many assume these dogs are looking for drug offenders as part of border control, this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, these dogs are commonly trained to detect explosives instead, helping to secure the airport against dangerous threats to public safety.  They can be found at other major public events too.

21 November 2017

Why You Need Security Guards for Your Business


Technological advancements has made it possible for homeowners and business managers or owners to automate their security systems. Today, homes and commercial premises can be equipped with security cameras that allow for remote monitoring of all corners of the property in real time; or, security alarm systems that can be set to go off immediately they detect a breach in the security system; and the list goes on and on. 

30 May 2017

Home security cameras: a key deterrent


Imagine this hypothetical scenario: You've recently purchased a brand new top-of-the-line tablet. Some brazen thieves work their way to the back of your house and cut a hole in some fly screen. They reached in and managed to make off with your precious tablet. While the tablet was remotely locked to prevent it being of any real monetary value to the thieves, you are still obviously very disappointed to see something you gave invested about $1,000 into being swiped by some lowlife thieves.

27 February 2017

Essential Features to Look For in a Security Screen Door


Security screen doors improve the security level of your home by deterring burglars and thieves. If you are thinking about installing a new security screen door, there are some essential features that will determine the level of security in your home. There are various types of security doors from different manufacturers; therefore, their features and functionality may differ. Here are some of the key aspects that you should consider when purchasing a security screen door.

8 July 2016

Tips for Replacing the Wheels on Your Sliding Security Screen Door


A sliding security screen door can be the perfect addition to your home and can add both style and increased safety. However, over time, it is possible for various components of your sliding screen door to become worn. If your sliding door feels as though it is dragging when you open it, you may have a problem with the wheels. Instead of having the entire sliding security screen door replaced, it is possible for you to just replace the wheels on the door.

22 February 2016